Put Morocco on your resume!

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Put Morocco on your resume!

One of the nice things about traveling around the world is that I always meet a fellow Moroccan. From a surf instructor in Mexico to a barista in Australia. I always listen with great admiration to their stories.  I keep getting surprised why these Moroccans lived there, because I always automatically connect emigration of Moroccans only to Europe. What fascinated me most was, that they never felt as 2nd-hand citizens. Instead, the Moroccan in the United States for example is perceived as exotic and exciting.

Why was I fascinated? Well, let’s be honest, the media image that is connected to Moroccan in the Netherlands (and Belgium) is not a positive one. A friend recently told me that at his first day at work on a new job, the new colleagues trying to guess his ethnic background. After he said he was Moroccan, a middle-aged lady said; “Well, I feel sorry for you”. And this was in an IT department with ‘educated’ people. Painful in 2016.

Through this kinds of situations and the negative media arround his etnicity, the Moroccan feels ostracized. The try to resist, but the feeling of “just being not good enough” creeps in none the less.

That’s why I think you should go to Morocco. I believe that “to be a Moroccan” should give you a proud feeling. Morocco is a beautiful country and its people are too. If you’ve lived and worked there for a while you will see that you do not need to feel lesser that any other person on this world. You’re also a Moroccan, and you should be proud of it. Working in Morocco will help you to strengthen your ego and confidence.

Look at how many successful Moroccans we do have in the Netherlands and Belgium? Successful business people, rappers, writers, comedians and politicians. Recently Khadija Arib is chosen as chiarperson of the 2nd Chamber. Yes all of Moroccan origin but also Dutch or Belgian. Like you. You will feel this when living and working in Morocco.

So go discover. Search the Moroccan in you and embrace him. Maybe you want to stay. Morocco is an emerging economy and this offers career opportunities. Especially since the English language is starting to make gain more ground in the business world. Your education and global mindset will make you a very interesting candidate for large multinationals. When you come back to the Netherlands or Belgium, you will have gained a life experience that stays with you for the rest of your life. Not to mention the foreign work experience that increases your chances on the global labor market.

One thing is certain you will be transformed into a Moroccan in the true sense of the word. And you’re going to break free of the negativity around “Being a Moroccan”. You are a critical part in changing the future about the perception of the Moroccan. You need Morocco. The same as Morocco needs you.

Grab your chance to get this experience. Me and my colleagues of Maroc at Work can help you find a job, housing and guidance in Morocco. Mail us at info@marocatwork.com or apply directly online.

PS This blog is based on my personal experience and the experiences of the people I guided to a job in Morocco. I do not share any information without the permission of the people I quoted.