Why work abroad

Why people go to work abroad?

When talking to all the candidates that went before you and took jobs in Morocco, Spain and South Africa, we found the following Top Reasons why people went to work abroad.

Back to the roots or in for new experiences

Get to know your roots if you are moving to your native or your parents country. If not you will learn from a new culture. You gain cultural awareness about traditions and different ways of life in the world.


Working in an other country can make you become more flexible and builds character. The adjustments you need to make when you live in a other culture with different ways of eating, communication, socialising will challenge you to adapt.  


You are used to rely on the help of your family back home. Now you need to do it yourself. Living, laundry, buying groceries and all other things one needs to do will be your responsibility. You will surprise yourself when you notice that this is something you also can do besides your daily job.

More freedom

You will experience a new feeling of freedom. The world will open up to you. You will develop a global mindset and this will help you evolve to global citizen, in this little world we all live in. You will gain perspective and appreciate your life better, start new relationships and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Conquer your fears

Last but not least, one of the best outcomes will be that you will conquer your fears. You will have to deal with homesickness and learn how to handle disappointments in life with less hardship.

Increase your career chances

Get the highly desired working experience companies are looking for.  Your future employer will appreciate at least a year of abroad working experience. You will increase your career chances with more than 50% with this experience.

Working in an other country will:

  • Expand your language skills.
  • Increase your culture awareness and social skills.
  • Show that you can work outside of your comfort zone.
  • Make you more adaptable.
  • Increase negotiation skills.
  • And much more…

More work abroad

According to a article from PriceWaterHouse & Cooper a couple of years ago their be will a an increase of foreign contracts. Today in 2016 we already see the enormous effects of all outsourcing companies that choose for Morocco, Spain and South Africa.

The beneficent effect these outsourcing activities have, is that our candidates get more possibilities to gain abroad working experience in a country of their choosing. Abroad work experience is highly appreciated by companies who do business internationally. The businesses are globalizing very fast and the need for professionals with international experience is increasing.

We at Connect2Ness invite everybody to make the move to a country abroad to kickstart the career or just gain some international experience. We do believe that you can make your work an adventure.  Are you a young scholars with a gap year we highly encourage you to gain abroad working experience as sometimes it is hard find it the The Netherlands or Belgium.