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Would you like to learn the English or Dutch language or do you need English or Dutch for business purposes or because you will soon emigrate to the Netherlands? Then a language course at Maroc at Work is a good idea.

When you choose Maroc at Work, you will be taught by an enthusiastic, professional teacher. Our language courses are intensive and you can count on a number of hours of homework per week. You will find that when you regularly work with English or Dutch, your language skills will improve quickly.

You can choose from the following packages:


The lessons are based on your niveau. Our language trainers know how they can take away your uncertainties, so that you dare to speak. You have complete freedom in choosing the course duration. Thanks to the personal attention of your language trainer, your motivation will remain high which helps you to quickly achieve your personal learning goals.

We select course materials based on your learning objectives, which are determined prior to the course. This ensures that you learn to speak the language in an environment that reflects your world and experiences. The timetable is flexible and adapts to your availability. Regardless of your starting level, you will experience improvement after a few weeks.

Our private lessons help you to quickly gain confidence in a new language. Contact us for more information and book one of our individual courses.

Flexible class schedule
Teaching materials included
Price: 130 DH per hour


If you like group lessons and you want to learn a new language quickly and deliberately, this is exactly the right option for you. In these lessons you enjoy both the motivation of other participants and reduced prices. Maroc at work guarantees your fast and continuous learning progress.

The trainers select course materials based on your goals that are defined at the start of the course. This ensures that you learn to speak in a setting that reflects your everyday experiences. The cornerstone of this method is to give you the confidence that you need to speak a new language outside the lessons. Your course plan is flexible and adapts to you, making it easier to attend your language lessons when you are available. Regardless of the skill level that you have at the beginning of the course, you will notice improvement within a few weeks.

Contact us for more information and book one of our courses today.

Affordable lessons
Secure and flexible payment options
All levels welcome
Small groups guaranteed
Flexible teaching hours; during the day or in the evening and weekend
Structured programs

Flexible class schedule
Teaching materials included
Price: 100 DH per hour


Are you looking for a training concept that is completely designed to your needs? Maroc at Work makes this possible, without having to leave your office, hotel or home.
Our online course gives you the opportunity to take lessons all over the world with a private trainer. All you have to do is book the lessons and we will connect via skype. This is a very good solution for people with a busy schedule. Online you can book or cancel your lessons at your convenience. Together with your trainer you will work to achieve your goals and we guarantee you that you will see results quickly.

Advantages of our skype lessons:
Easily plan and cancel your lessons
Courses are available 24/7 anywhere in the world.
The possibility to work with your personal materials during the lessons

Maroc at Work develops the course materials depending on your personal and professional requirements, using topics that apply to you in your daily life. Every lesson the trainer will take you into the new language to give you even more confidence to speak in public. The main goal of the skype classes is to keep you motivated by the personal attention of the trainer, the specific material selected for you and the ease of use. This method ensures fast results regardless of your level.

The skype lessons give you the full flexibility of time, place and the content of the lessons. You learn at your own pace and are motivated by the rapid progress of learning a new language. Contact us to get more information about these lessons.

Flexible class schedule
Teaching materials included
Price: 130 DH per hour

For extra information, please send us an email or give us a call  



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