Maroc@Work at Dutch Kingsday Celebration in Rabat

Hafida 29-04-2016

Wednesday April 27th 2016 our team of Maroc at Work was attending the Dutch Kingsday Celebration. The venue was the Residency of the Dutch Ambassador in Rabat. Thanks for your hospitality¬†Mr. R.G. Strikker! It…

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Made in Morocco

Hafida 16-02-2016

I recently met a young man from Congo when I was traveling with the train from Casablanca to Rabat. He asked a contribution to continue his journey. After he told me that it was…

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Put Morocco on your resume!

Hafida 04-02-2016

Put Morocco on your resume! One of the nice things about traveling around the world is that I always meet a fellow Moroccan. From a surf instructor in Mexico to a barista in Australia.…

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Yes, we are online!

Hafida 10-01-2016

We are proud to launch our brand new website with new features for a new start in 2016! We are welcoming you to join us in our journey. When do you start yours? Let…

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