The story behind

Maroc at Work

Let us introduce ourselves!

After we experienced a Moroccan adventure ourselves, we quickly agreed – we need to encourage everybody around us to do the same. Because it is truly enriching to discover that Morocco has so much to offer.

Driven by this we decided with enormous enthousiasme to collaborate and set target to make the move to Morocco for everyone accessible, safer and more fun – for everbody who has the desire to experience a fantastic adventure abroad.

You probably knew Maroc4All, Maroc-Recruitment and Connect2Ness before? Shortly we became Maroc@Work. The name says it all, we are in business with working in Morocco.

The partners of these companies have come together because we have the vision that you cannot just do everything alone.

Working together brings us closer to our goal. And our goal is to offer candidates the same great experience abroad we had. Of course with all the ups and downs that comes with the process. But we hope to reduce the downs. We will keep repeating it, we believe in the personal enrichment that this opportunity can offer you.

Through this collaboration we can offer our candidates a total package. Guidance to the new country, a good job, housing and helping to set up a social network.

“Our services starts where others stop.”

Morocco opens doors.

When one door closes, another opens. Morocco is the country of contracts. You need to open your mind to see the open doors. Only then you will see the new opportunities. And there are plenty.