4-Step Cultural Migration Model

Our model will help candidates transition more succesfull

What phase are you in?

Connect2Ness has developed a model that helps people adopt to the changes that come with moving to another country. The model is based on the experience of our candidates. The model comes with guidance, checklists, and clear tips & tricks that help people take the step to move to another country. The model also helps get happier employees that results in a lower turnover for companies. A happy employee is a productive employee.

Phase 1 AwareNess

The search for answers to many questions. Why do I want to live abroad? Where do I want to work? When do I move and  how do I need to make it happen? What are the things that I need to consider?

Phase 2 ReadyNess

Yes… I did it! I actually moved and started in a new job. New questions and doubts. Is it what I expected to be? Do I feel safe? Am I financially independent? No homesickness?

Phase 3 ClearNess

I created my new comfort zone. Do I stay in this country? Where do I see myself the next year?

Phase 4 CitizenNess

You can call yourself a citizen now. What will be my next step?

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